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About Season with Spice

Season with Spice is reconnecting the Spice Route, one recipe at a time. To explore what has been lost - the art of cooking with spices.

Fortunately, spices are no longer worth their weight in gold, and you don’t need to sail across the ocean to find them, but even though it is now as easy as a drive to the store to purchase them for a few dollars, it has become a challenge for most of us on how to use them in our cooking.

So this is where you step in. Your knowledge, your creativity, your determination to make sure that no one lets that ground nutmeg or paprika or ginger or any other spice, sit and gather dust in their kitchen cupboard.

Let’s make Season with Spice a virtual trading port. A meeting point for all those passionate about spices. A place to find what flavors have been missing from our dishes. A place to discover the meaning to Season with Spice. 

Who is behind this revitalization of spices?

A team that grows in number every day.

There are Reese & Mark, that's us, creators of the Season with Spice Blog – a concoction of our own recipes with spice, and Capturing Penang – stories of our journey on an island founded along the Spice Route.

And of course you, and all of your aromatic, colorful, delicious recipes.

If you have any questions about Season with Spice, please contact us anytime: