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Share your Recipe

On Season with Spice, we are searching for food images that jump off the screen. That make people hungry. That make people click over to your site to not only start cooking with spices, but to learn about you and your culture through the stories you share with your recipes.

Because we want to encourage our visitors to explore spices and cultures. To connect and to learn – as you guide them through your kitchen - so that they can experiment with spices to create colorful, flavorful dishes from around the world.

Simply fill out the form below to share as many of your recipes with a spice as you like* (For a list of spices, see our Spices page).

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking!

After your first recipe appears on Season with Spice, please include one of these badges on your blog for your visitors to find your recipes with a spice (just right click on the badge to save the image).  For the link, click on your blog's name underneath your recipe image on the homepage.

*All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours, and if everything looks and sounds delicious, your submission will be published on Season with Spice.